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From Heaven to Hell

Ariel means "Earth's great Lord or Shining Earth" Ariel is the guardian of visions dreams and prophecy.Is known as the angel of mystery Assists Raphael in healing the children of the Goddess, is an angel who appears to have "risen and fallen" several times

Ariel is in charge of natural phenomena such as tornadoes,thunderstorms, hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes, but be aware ariel is another terminator angel and is more agressive in his handeling of offenders, he enjoys roasting the evil ones, is also the overseer of all nature spirits, holds the keys to the fairy kingdom.

Y entonces Ariel elige ir con Luzbel, Abdiel trato de detenerle pero el León de Dios usaría el poder del rayo, y el fuego para vencerle. Fue así que Ariel ocupó un lugar junto a Lucifer como comandante del ejercito de demonios.

Cuando Samhain se acerca y el portal está abierto en solo una noche Ariel esta ahí para guiar a su ejercito a donde haya deseo de destrucción o venganza.


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    Summoning Ariel

    Forest Green and sienna brown the winter rolls out to touch the ground where frosty midnight brings mystery of visions, dreams and phophecy. Nature spirits dance the spell to call the thunderous Ariel.

    Volcanoes of information now burst forth on crystal snowflakes from the north with lions roar and sekhmet force. I call this angel of secret source shining earth and truth to tell I seek the knowledge of Ariel.


    Recents Spells

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    Ancient Spells

    Location: Cannington, Somerset, United Kingdom

    Me I'm contradiction that's all I am. An Angel or a Devil, Happy or Sad. Love its my guidance I and follow it without any questions Silence its my path






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